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Having problems with your appliance?  Our staff at Etobicoke Appliance Repair are accredited technicians specialising in appliance maintenance and repairs.  We offer 24/7 same-day emergency service, call us to schedule an appointment.  Our appliance repair technicians are experts at repairing any appliances including refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stoves, washers, dryers and dishwashers.

Commercial Appliance Repair

We specialize in fixing virtually any commercial appliance. Call our team of experts 24/7 to repair and fix walk-in fridge, under counter fridge, display fridge, commercial freezer, Ice machine, commercial gas ranges, commercial electrical ranges, commercial ovens, commercial dishwashers and many other commercial appliances.  Call Etobicoke Appliance Repair for appliance repair service and maintenance.

Air Conditioner and Furnace

If your A/C air conditioner stops working in the middle of the summer when the heat is unbearable it can quickly turn from simply annoying to an emergency.  Etobicoke Appliance Repair provides quick, cost effective repairs and we see it as part of our duty to ensure that your air conditioner keeps you comfortable when it’s hot outside.  We also fix all kinds of gas and electric furnaces. We take all conventional to high efficiency furnace repair and maintenance jobs.

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